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Our story

Luxury candles

FEU de BEAUMONT is a luxury scented candle company, encompassing the exquisite design qualities of old England with a rich Anglo heritage. Alice (Beaumont) grew up in Northumberland, and has been inspired her whole life by exquisite English architecture combined with the sweet fragrance of the luscious Northumberland countryside.

The resulting vision, launched in 2012, is FEU de BEAUMONT. FEU de BEAUMONT scented candles embody a unique vision of one of our most loved and treasured household items, transcending the ordinary candle model, and creating a lasting place for the scented candle in your home. 

The fragrance that I use in my candles evoke happy memories, a sense of comfort and peace, which is why we have created our statement twenty-two carat gold vessels as permanent guardians to that nostalgia.

Alice Beaumont


British heritage and craftsmanship meet within the ‘Feu de Beaumont’ twenty-two carat gold, flagship range. Captivating pieces like The Golden Porringer are both traditional, and yet form a unique place in the current market.  

The Brand

The FEU de BEAUMONT story began in London in 2012 and has led to a unique British brand, which sits happily alongside its ‘Best of British’ counterparts. The brand has moved into a completely bespoke sphere within the scented candle market, offering customers the opportunity to customise their candle as they wish.


The Design

FEU de BEAUMONT is a premium scented candle brand. It is a luxury candle company designing perfecting iconic stand-alone pieces for the home. Each collection is a labour of love, delivering a high-end, intelligent product range, its elegance and beauty matched only by my high standards of production and manufacture.

The Products

The FEU de BEAUMONT Vessels: The flagship glass vessels, the twenty-two carat gold plated range are designed to be pieces you keep forever, nurturing each candle and subsequent refill and therefore providing a personal responsibility to the customer. They are hand-crafted using the finest materials and can be perfectly customised, with the use of engraving, creating a unique, bespoke product.

The FEU de BEAUMONT Candles: The guardians of the FEU de BEAUMONT fragrances, the candles are blended using Soya wax. Each wax is expertly amalgamated and assessed at varying temperatures to obtain a perfect melting temperature for every scent.


My Candles - a labour of love

My FEU de BEAUMONT scented candle range are handmade in the United Kingdom using the finest natural wax that has been developed and refined over many years.The unique formula is made up from vegan ingredients and renewable sources. 

  • I use Soya wax
  • I use natural oils
  • My candles are Made in England, except for the gold plating which is performed by specialists in Asia
  • Wicks are made from natural fibres
  • Products are free from animal testing